LIGA origins from the Latin verb 'ligare' (to unite, connect, hold), engl. league, french ligue, german liga and refers to a group or association of cooperating members. LIGA INVEST partners with corporations, organizations, investors and people in the sports industry. By actively engaging in startup building and consultancy, LIGA INVEST empowers projects to achieve sustainable growth. In selected cases, we act as co-founders or develop our own ideas.




Artificial Intelligence

AI is rapidly transforming the sports industry, ushering in an era of data-driven decisions and enhanced experiences. Much like the cognitive revolution that emphasized knowledge and understanding, AI in sports leverages vast amounts of data to gain a deeper understanding of the game, athletes, and fans.

Mixed Realities

Mixed reality is poised to revolutionize the sports industry, much like the cognitive revolution transformed our understanding of the human mind. While virtual reality creates entirely simulated environments, MR seamlessly blends the physical world with digital elements, forcing us to reimagine how athletes train, compete, and fans experience the game.


The metaverse, much like the early internet in the 90s, offers a glimpse into a future that's both exciting and uncertain. Just as dial-up connections offered a glimpse of a world connected through information, the metaverse promises to redefine how we experience and interact with sports. While the full picture is still emerging, it's clear that the metaverse, a convergence of web 3.0, blockchain technology, mixed realities, and the merging of physical and virtual worlds, has the potential to fundamentally transform the sports landscape.


For Companies

Seizing digitization opportunities

Technology Development

Web and App Development

AI Development and Integration

New Business Building

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Strategy Consulting

More Time?

We support you in digitizing customer acquisition, products and processes. This means saving an enormous amount of time and being able to concentrate fully on working with customers.

More Business?

Our goal is clear. We provide qualitative support with measurable results.. Bringing our customers sales and new customers.

More Clarity?

There are 1,000 things you could do - but only a few of them really make sense. LIGA INVEST implements crystal-clear strategies that fit the desired goals.

More Purpose?

The demands in all areas of responsibility in daily life are constantly increasing. LIGA INVEST provides competent consulting work so that potential can unfold even in crises.

Intelligent Automation

Intelligent automation is the synergy of automation technologies and artificial intelligence (AI). With its ease of implementation and scalability, intelligent automation delivers measurable benefits to businesses across all functional areas.

LIGA INVEST combines AI and automation to help companies overcome their challenges. We analyze both people and processes to understand how automation can improve operational performance, workflows and the bottom line. We combine this knowledge with cutting-edge technology to develop practical solutions that create immediate value.

Write Better, Write Faster with our LIGACHAMP

Artificial intelligence is revolutionizing the way we do business. LIGA INVEST supports you in this process. Harness artificial intelligence with our new content generator to make your everyday life easier and help your business grow better.

The Intersection of Sports and Technology: Innovation and Impact

Sports - Driver of Innovation

Innovative sportstech is revolutionizing sports and elevating it to a whole new level. Sport has always been the sandbox for innovation because people care about it. The sports global market continues to develop at a remarkable pace, making SportsTech one of the fastest growing fields for technology investments. SportsTech encompasses all aspects of the sports market from performance enhancements, wearable devices, digital media, smart stadiums, fitness, nutrition & health, fan engagement, gear & equipment, fantasy gaming to e-sports.

Technology Affects Almost All Aspects of Sports
  • How athletes train and compete with one another
  • How data is collected and interpreted
  • How managers run and monetize their organizations
  • How fans consume and get involved

Scaling future viability

Our environment has become dynamic, complex and unpredictable. Future capability is a crucial competitive factor in dealing with this ambiguity - and not being surprised by the future. The emergence of new tools and techniques is displacing established practices and approaches. One example of this is the use of chatbots. In current projects, we see an increasing demand for internal use. 

There are many possible applications, from customer communication to event planning or the employee handbook - an added value that should not be underestimated, especially for the onboarding of new employees. Chatbots captivate the corporate world with simplification, assistance and organization solutions. They offer the opportunity to make the digital workplace more innovative, collaborative, efficient and motivating. Contact us for individual consulting, development and implementation of your customized digtal workplace solution. 

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Join us on our mission to revolutionize the sports industry with cutting-edge AI technology. Let's shape the future of sports together!


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Building strong ventures by connecting network, knowledge and capital.


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Sports Business

We understand sports business as a passionate business challenge. Our mission is to touch life through the power of sport. In addition to its ability to unify the world, sport is a bridge to a rapidly advancing generation. LIGA INVEST works with companies, investors and people within the sports industry. We create value for our customers by bringing together expertise and experience. The world of sports and entertainment is designed to build meaningful relationships and achieve successful business results.

“We are convening our global creative communities through diverse programming in sustainability, emerging tech and creative entrepreneurship.”

Dennis Ibrahim Wolf, Managing Partner LIGA INVEST KG

Social Impact

Comitted to make a positive difference.

We serve society by supporting and developing programs contributing to human development. In all activities we are passionate to empower, unlock and release human potential to harness positive change.

In order to support human development, we support the field of education and scientific research. In addition, we support the fields of intellectual and physical development to foster mental and physical health. We provide personal and organizational development services to individuals, teams and organizations.

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AI Revolution and the Future of Work - Insights for Businesses: Just as electrification and industrialization transformed corporate structures, a AI assistant in areas such as marketing, law, procurement, and more will encourage companies to reconsider traditional ways of working.

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