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  • About Us


    LIGA INVEST KG is a Projects Development & Investment Holding Company based in Berlin, Germany. LIGA origins from the Latin verb ligare (to unite, connect, hold), Engl. league, French ligue, German liga and refers to a group or association of cooperating members. We provide a platform for market development, marketing and advisory services to create sustainable and profitable growth. In selected cases we act as co-founders or develop our own ideas in interested markets. We invest ideas, time and resources to create relevant and applicable solutions for enterprises and people. While building teams of experts with a winning mentality, we release the potential of an idea to become a solution.


  • Venture funding and startup development

    Technological progress and the evolution of customer behavior drive the digital transformation of business. Big data, social media, and cloud and mobile solutions are digital innovations that change the dynamics of competition across industries and force organizations to transform.


    We think in network and systems. For a system to be viable, it has to be able to adopt to internal and external changes - feedback loops and self-organization are the key. Platforms and network models are perfectly suited for a complex world.

  • Sports Business

    The Power of Sports

    We understand sports business as a highly passionate business challenge. Our mission is to touch life through the power of sports. In addition to sports ability to unify the world, it is also a bridge to a rapidly progressing generation.


    • Digital Sports
    • Strategic Business Development
    • Marketing & Communication

    LIGA INVEST partners with corporations, investors and people related with the sports industry. Considering industry related issues, we strive to generate value for our customers and partners by bringing competencies and experience together. The world of sports and entertainment serve to build meaningful relationships and drive business results.

  • The Internet of Things & Artificial Intelligence

    The fusion of the IoT with AI is driving a new industrial revolution. A key ingredient in this transformation is autonomy: as learning machines gain sophistication and experience, they reach a point where they can be trusted to take decisions on their own, without direct or continuous human control.


    Unmanned Aerial Vehicles represent the first wave of robotics to impact different industries and the social good sector by disrupting tradional modes of data collection and payloads. We see drones as a part of the Internet of Things. UAV's acting as unattended sensors open up a large number of Internet of Things applications. Drones are, after all, flying computers that connect to the internet - connectivity on a drone is used to share flight information with other drones, report to air traffic control or send aerial imaging in real time. We work with customers to help them understand where commercial drones can improve their business. Having a highly-capable sensor doesn't matter if the analytics do not exploit the data's full potential. We connect with our industry partners to collect, analyse and present data in ways that provide the most insight and intelligence.

    SAP, TSG 1899 Hoffenheim, Bundesliga Germany

  • Social Support


    LIGA INVEST is comitted to make a positive difference. We serve society by supporting and developing programs contributing to human development. In all activities we are passionate to empower, unlock and release human potential to harness positive change. In order to support human development we support the field of education and scientific research. In addition, we support the fields of intellectual and physical development to foster mental and physical health.


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